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The tropical paradise of Sri Lanka, also known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean,” is situated off the southern coast of India. This small island country has a fascinating history, diverse cultures and stunning natural beauty. Any traveler in search of both excitement and relaxation should be sure to travel Sri Lanka, as the island nation is home to numerous ancient heritages, wildlife reserves, pristine beaches, and friendly locals.

Sri Lanka is a land of contrasts with a rich history that has shaped its culture and traditions. Over the years, the nation has been home to a number of different ethnic groups, including the Sinhalese, Tamils, Moors and Burghers. With a vibrant culture that combines traditional and modern elements, Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society today.

The island is renowned for its stunning landscapes, abundant wildlife and lush greenery. Sri Lanka is a natural wonderland that will leave an enduring impression, from the rolling hills of the central highlands to the golden beaches that line its coasts.

Places to Discover


The heart of the island, Kandy, is where you can discover the Temple of the Tooth Relic, one of the holiest Buddhist temples in the world. Visitors can see daily ceremonies and rituals, such as traditional dancing and drumming performances.


This UNESCO World Heritage site features the ruins of an ancient city that was once the capital of Sri Lanka. Some buildings and stupas were built as early as the 3rd century BC, and you can visit these ancient sites when you travel to Anuradhapura city.


This magnificent rock fortress dates back to the 5th century AD and has a palace built atop a massive rock. Visitors can climb up to the top for breathtaking sceneries of the surroundings.


Located in the northern part of the island, Jaffna is a vibrant city known for its rich Tamil culture and heritage. Visitors can explore ancient Hindu temples, sample delicious local cuisine, and learn about the region’s fascinating history.

Yala National Park

This national park is home to leopards, elephants, and other animals, making it an excellent spot for a safari. Other national parks worth visiting include Wilpattu National Park and Udawalawe National Park.

Culture & History

The traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam are uniquely merged into Sri Lankan culture. Visitors can see the remains of former kingdoms that once flourished on the island, which has a long and illustrious history that dates back more than 2,500 years.

Although Sinhalese Buddhists make up most of Sri Lanka’s population, the Tamil community has also significantly impacted the development of the nation’s culture and history. Mainly Jaffna is renowned for its vibrant Tamil traditions and culture.

Ancient temples and ruins can be explored by visitors, such as the Polonnaruwa and Dambulla Cave Temples. They can also see traditional dances like the elaborately costumed and drumming Kandyan dance.

Food & Drinks

Sri Lankan cuisine is a blend of Indian, Dutch, Portuguese, and British influences. The island’s tropical climate allows for a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are used to create delicious and flavorful dishes. Rice and curry is a staple dish, and other must-try dishes include hoppers (a type of pancake), kottu roti (a stir-fried dish), and string hoppers (steamed rice noodles).

Sri Lanka is a unique and captivating travel destination still somewhat off the beaten path. From ancient ruins to pristine beaches to rare wildlife, the country has something to offer for every type of traveler. If you’re interested in exploring this fascinating country, we encourage you to book a trip and discover what Sri Lanka offers.

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